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Ledhuys - Overhuys
020 497 01 00

Venenweg 1
1161 AK Zwanenburg
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)20 497 01 00
Email: info@ledhuys.nl


Welcome to our shop

LEDhuys designs, develops and tests the majority of its LED luminaires in-house. In cooperation with official test institutes specific tests are carried out on the development of heat, light color and light image of a luminaire. So we can always correct lifetime and efficiency garanderen.De longevity of today's powerful and efficient LED luminaires provide a high level of illumination that the safety and productivity of people will benefit, but also the attractiveness and visibility of your products . The long life of our LED luminaires offers practical advantages in maintenance and material costs. It may also, by dimming and the dynamic switching of the LED luminaires, the energy saving just up to 70%. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can very happy to assist with giving light of opinions, and answer several questions, among others installation, connectivity and support.